Our Terms

By placing an order with us you agree to our terms below.

By accepting our quote and placing a purchase order, you agree to pay the initial down payment requested in your quote/invoice within the time also listed in your quote/invoice. The initial down payment is what is required to fund any tooling, materials, etc that is needed to start initial production of your project needs.

Once your order is placed and the initial payment is accepted, your order then goes into the production phase of the process. Meaning it is LOCKED IN – and ANY REVISIONS/ADJUSTMENTS, or ADDITIONS TO THE ORDER will require a new revised quote as well as revised lead time. If you decide to make changes or revisions to an order already in the production phase, full payment for the order currently in production will still be required for however much of it has been manufactured at that time. A new quote must be approved by you and payment received before production on the revised order begins. Remaining payment for finished parts/projects/drawings is due upon project completion (unless specified otherwise).

If your completed parts or order is not paid in full by the time allotted for full payment to be received (unless specified otherwise). It may be then made publicly available to other customers, and or competitors of the initial client. We are not a storage facility for unpaid, unclaimed parts/orders. We look forward to providing top quality, precision, made in the USA machining services to our customers in an efficient and timely manner. In this industry time is money. And we have no need to waste time/money or continue providing our services to unpaying customers who are not serious about building lasting industry relationships, or recognize the quality, precision, and time we put into each and every part.
If you have an issue with your parts or order we are more than happy to work with our customers to resolve it in a timely matter. We are specifically making reference to customers who refuse to pay their invoices and leave their orders to collect dust long after our time, money and services have been exhausted. In manufacturing trust is paramount, and we have the right to refuse committing to any projects involving customers in poor standing with us.

If you have supplied us with a CAD drawing for your order, all tolerances and measurements must be exact at the time submission for your order to go into production. We will not start production on your order until you have confirmed that you have supplied us with the correct CAD file from you or one that was developed by us.

CAD files created by MB Machining (Marton Brothers LLC) are NOT included with your order unless agreed upon when the order is initially placed. However your CAD files are available for an additional fee if you require them. We are more than happy to make changes/adjustments to your order once the revised quote has been approved and lead times are agreed upon.

The customer must also provide us with separate part numbers for each part they may have, if they have multiple parts being manufactured by us. This helps differentiate between orders of similar parts. For example you may have a part named “XYZ” but there may be variations of part “XYZ” making each variation technically it’s own part and require it’s own set up, programming, etc. Even though it’s still called part “XYZ” on your end, we want to ensure we manufacture the correct version of that part for you. Hence not only a name but a part number is also required. If no part number is provided and you place an order for part called “XYZ” and after it’s manufactured you realize it’s not the correct version you wanted. You are still responsible for payment of the order.

At MB we honor patents and copywrites. We refuse to machine or reproduce any patented or copyrighted part(s) or drawing that we are aware of in which the requesting customer does not own the rights to. By placing an order with us, the customer agrees to take full responsibility and liability that they indeed are the owner of the requested patented or copyrighted design/drawing, idea or machined part(s); or that the requested design/drawing or machined part(s) is free of any ownership restrictions, patents and copyright.

These terms are in place to make a smoother, more efficiently run manufacturing facility where quality and customer satisfaction are our first priority.

Lead Times

● Milling — Normally 3-4 weeks (CALL)
● Turning — Normally 3-4 weeks (CALL)
● Programing — 1-2 WEEKS
● Design — 1-2 WEEKS
● CNC Plasma — 1-2 WEEKS
● Laser Cutting — Available on project to project basis only, lead times may vary.
● Fabrication — Available on project to project basis only, lead times may vary.

**EXPEDITE is available for an additional fee, which varies by project. A revised invoice will be provided with the expedite fee.

TRUST and Privacy

We understand the industry!
Trusting us to manufacture your million dollar idea is not just about privacy,
it’s also about staying a step ahead
of your competition.

We offer NDAs as an option to ensure security of every design and part. Let us know if you have a sensitive project.
So we can ensure it is kept private even on the shop floor.

CAGE code number available upon request DUNS number also available upon request.

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