Our mission at MB Machining is to inspire the creativity of the human spirit. If you can dream it, think it, design it, it can be made a reality. You are only limited by your imagination.
There is not one thing humans have built that didn’t stem from a creative idea, that led to a design, a prototype, a finished piece.
Everything from a note pad to a pencil, a chair to a fighter jet, a heart valve to door knob… began as just an idea someone didn’t give up on.

At MB giving up is not an option!
We believe where there is a need, there is a way to get it done. And we provide the tools, the people, and the persistent creative problem solving that is required to achieve excellence.

Founded by John Marton in 2014. MB Machining (Marton Brothers LLC) was set into motion based on Johns inability to find a machine shop willing to work with the “small guy with big dreams”. He had been looking since the late 90s for a shop who would be willing to machine small production runs of the suspension, gearing, lighting and engines he had designed for his RC cars. He quickly realized if wanted something done, he was going to have to do it himself.

By this time Johns career had developed with a rather diverse manufacturing background. Stemming from nearly 20 years of industry experience including various tool + die shops, performance racing, aerospace, medical and production shops. His unique ability to couple old school machinist techniques that he mastered early on in his career, and combine them with todays modern technologies, made John an unstoppable asset across the industry. His innovative skillset, ability to think out of the box and passion for manufacturing is the driving force behind MB.

MB evolved from just one Brother machine we had sold everything to pay for and crammed into our garage back in 2014. With a “no going back, no giving up” attitude, and the constant drive to provide our customers with top quality precision parts and services.
We began to carve a niche out for ourselves in the manufacturing industry.
Today MB has grown into a full service machine shop in Lake Elsinore, California.
With 5 CNC machines, manual machines and a host of capabilities. Our dedication to accuracy, quality and American made manufacturing is something we have always stood proudly by. Our goal is to continue to expand into new avenues of manufacturing, encompassing subtractive and additive techniques, composite materials, metal sintering, mold making and renewable resources.

No idea is to big or to small! Let us help you build yours!

Our Facility

Some of the largest businesses once started inside of a garage

In the beginning… there was only a garage. The two of us, elbow grease and 1 machine.

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